Who are the Tattlers?

tattlerjennyJenny Witte is the founder and creator of Mamatoga.com and publisher of Mamatoga Magazine, a local parenting website and magazine. She loves anything to do with horses, including riding, racing and polo. Spot her at the Clubhouse at Saratoga Polo cheering on her favorite team, downtown for Sunday brunch with husband Sean and their four kids, or up at Turf Terrace at the track. Her preferred cocktail is a French 75 and she loves equestrian themed parties (of course).

Come find the Tattlers on facebook here and on twitter right here!

2 thoughts on “Who are the Tattlers?

  1. Why do the Tattlers have a background photo of Louisville’s Churchill Downs? Wouldn’t the Racecourse be more appropriate?

    • We like to think that we are the second best place to watch the Derby besides Louisville! Now that the Derby is over we’re going to change it of course. And we didn’t catch the name of Jamie’s lovely assistant, but we agree, she is beautiful.

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