The Holiday Gala at the Lakehouse for the Saratoga Springs History Museum

It was a holiday gala Lake House style at Canfield Casino for the Saratoga Springs History Museum on Friday night. The rainy weather did nothing to deter guests from this special event that recreates the excitement of the great lake houses of Saratoga Springs’ past that were located on Saratoga Lake and Lake Lonely. Upon check in guests were handed a pile of casino chips to be wagered at betting tables set up and seats at the tables were full all night. We spotted John Hendrickson and Marylou Whitney and Julie Bonacio chatting with friends and a steady stream of well dressed revelers in their holiday best gave full attention to the silent auction items. Ed and Maureen Lewi were spotted catching up with friends and holiday plans seemed to be the talk of the evening.

While the party was getting underway guests also took the opportunity to explore the museum, which is located in the Canfield Casino and tells the story of Saratoga Springs from its beginnings to modern day. Founded in 1883 as the Saratoga Historical Society, the museum features three floors of exhibits as well as dynamic programs throughout the year. We spoke to museum Board Member Ken Hoskins, there with wife Cindy Lunsford, about the event. “What’s interesting to see is how much more life the museum has now, everyone has been working really hard to make the museum more visible and it’s great how far we’ve come in the last few years.”

Before guests sat down to a delicious dinner from Longfellow’sMichael and Marlene Okby spoke to the museum supporters and told everyone “We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t believe in the museum”. They went on to give a special thanks to John Hendrickson and Marylou Whitney, saying the “building wouldn’t be what it is today without them”.

We got a chance to chat with Kate Jarosh, museum Treasurer and the gala committee chair about the successful evening. “This event is the largest that we have had to date, the most participants and attendees, I’m completely thrilled with it. It’s so important for the museum. We need to be able to continue to tell the story, to continue to take care of all that makes Saratoga special, which is our history. The generosity tonight is humbling and I really appreciate everyone’s support.”

Spirits were certainly merry and bright as the Karen Lawrence Band took the stage and guests hit the dance floor to celebrate the museum and our city’s incredible history. There are big things in store for the museum, and plans are already underway for their new exhibit opening early this summer for the 150th Celebration, the Tattlers can’t wait to check it out!

One thought on “The Holiday Gala at the Lakehouse for the Saratoga Springs History Museum

  1. Saratoga Photobooth Company was pleased to provide the complimentary vintage-style photobooth for this event for the fourth year in a row! We love the history museum… especially the new section on Kaydeross Park, the much-loved site of our first summer jobs in the early 1980s and a big inspiration for our business which honors the coin-operated attractions of America’s past.

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